Direct Response & Copyright

Target audience: Non Profit donors.
Type of piece: Problem/Solution- A call to action story lead.
Big idea:  World Hunger is a common enemy.
Word count: 202
World Hunger is a common enemy
Hunger is the number one enemy of poor people today mostly in developing countries and among Europe refugees.
World Hunger crisis could grow 10 times worse in a few years than today, and strike anyone, even you.
Lack of proper nutrition especially in children could result in chronic illnesses like type 2 diabetesmental and emotional health problems.
Dear Friend,
I pray your heart will be touched by this one story among so many stories of Syrian refugees. I’m a relief worker in a refugee camp in Italy. A recent widow with four hungry children told me hers: Tears of shame flowed down her cheeks as she told me she tried to sell her oldest daughter, just 11 years old, to sex traffickers in exchange for $1,500 so she could feed the rest.  
But you can help change hunger course dramatically in one easy step. 
Pick up the phone now and call the number below to see how you can help beat this common enemy today. The kids need you!